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Our Home Inspectors All Come From The Building Industry

Shannon Williams

Home Inspector / Co-Owner
Hi, I am Shannon Williams, Co-owner of Mountains To Sea Inspections. I am licensed as a home inspector in NC and FL, and have been inspecting in North Carolina since 2009, and Florida since 2019. I am a licensed general contractor in NC, and have been in the construction industry since 1992, with commercial, residential, institutional, and multi-family building experience. We offer home inspections, water testing, radon gas testing with continuous monitors, home maintenance inspections, as well as commercial and HOA maintenance inspections. My reports are very thorough, with lots of pictures, and easy for your clients to read and understand. I use homegauge software and can have the reports available online 36-48 hours after the inspection (usually). My phone number is 828-230-1341, and I will be available to answer questions about the inspections, whenever the questions arise. You can also reach me at shannon@mtsinspections.com. I am also a Florida certified radon measurement specialist, a radon measurement provider with AARST/NRPP, and MTSI is a Florida certified Radon measurement business. Licenses/Certifications
NC 2988
FL HI 12046
FL R2719
FL RB2727
NRPP 111555RT

Licensed General Contractor
Licensed Home Inspector

Erik Sorensen

Home Inspector
Hi, my name is Erik Sorensen. I am a North Carolina licensed home inspector. Asheville has been my home for the past fifteen years. I enjoy the outdoor mountain life style that Western North Carolina provides. My background is in property management and construction. I have managed several projects involving residential, retail and commercial construction in the Asheville area. I use this background as I am inspecting homes to build accurate and clear reports. As your inspector I will help you further your knowledge of the components that make up your home. I will be glad to speak with you at 828.707.0720 or erik@mtsinspections.com

Licensed Home Inspector

Paul Bartholic

Home Inspector
In college I met a great friend, who taught me that attention to detail was paramount to success (of course we were sitting in our kayaks at a lip of a waterfall). I've taken that advice to heart ever since. When deciding upon your potential purchase, you look for advice and guidance in the strengths and weaknesses of said home. I look forward to conscientiously observing every aspect of your home and giving you my best and honest assessment. I earned my B.S.A. Eagle Rank in High School, which, besides putting me into the super popular circles, also taught me a thing or two about how we should treat and work with each other. I have my degree in Risk Management from Appalachian State University. I put that degree to the test in my love of kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing. I ended up working and finding respect in the art of building, remodeling, and eventually moved into custom woodworking as my skills developed over the last many years. Along the way I have been raising two amazing kids and hope that I am rubbing off a little of that "attention to detail" in their lives. Call me directly at 828-329-5521 or email me at paul@mtsinspections.com.

Licensed General Contractor
Licensed Home Inspector